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Develop physical strength, mental focus, and self-discipline through martial arts. Join our academy and unleash your inner warrior.

Discover the Premier Martial Arts Training Center in Chandigarh

Welcome to King’s Academy of Martial Arts in Chandigarh – Chandigarh’s premier martial arts training facility! Our esteemed team boasts expertise across an array of martial arts disciplines, such as Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo, as well as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

At King’s Academy, our mission is to deliver an inclusive approach to martial arts training with dynamic mixed martial arts (MMA) elements included in each of our programs. Experience striking and grappling techniques akin to what MMA practitioners face for optimal development with our tailored curriculum that caters for all skill levels.

No matter which martial art forms appeal to you – Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), King’s Academy has the program tailored specifically to you! Our highly qualified instructors are committed to supporting and helping guide your journey along your martial arts path, helping build discipline, strength and confidence on every trip taken through our programs.

Join our vibrant Chandigarh martial arts community of dedicated practitioners and find the ideal martial arts program to suit your interests and goals at King’s Academy of Martial Arts! It is more than a training centre; our facility brings passion together with expertise so we can all grow as martial artists together – so start your journey now with us!

Training Programs for All Ages

Explore our diverse training programs suitable for individuals of all ages and skill levels at King’s Academy of Martial Arts in Chandigarh. Our offerings cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect martial arts program to suit their needs.

At King’s Academy, we provide a comprehensive selection of styles, allowing you to choose the discipline that resonates with you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through your martial arts journey with personalized attention and effective training techniques.

Discover the joy of martial arts at King’s Academy, where our inclusive programs are designed to foster growth, discipline, and skill development. Join our community in Chandigarh and embark on a fulfilling martial arts experience tailored to your age and proficiency level. Start your training with us and unlock the potential for personal growth and achievement in the world of martial arts!

Traditional Karate Classes for All Ages

Build strength, learn self-defense, and gain confidence with Karate. Join us!

World-Class Jiu-Jitsu Training

Learn Jiu-Jitsu at Dragon’s Den Martial Arts for ground fighting and submission holds.

Master the Art of Taekwondo

Experience the power of Taekwondo – join our classes today!

Our Martial Arts Achievements

King’s Academy of Martial Arts in Chandigarh is proud of the impressive successes achieved. Our accomplishments demonstrate our lasting contributions, customer satisfaction, and the success of our martial arts training initiatives.

At King’s Academy, we take great pleasure in reflecting on our commitment to excellence through milestone achievements that showcase its benefits for our martial arts community. These milestones range from encouraging discipline and skill development to creating supportive training environments and developing supportive skills – each testament to how effective our training programs truly are.

At King’s Academy of Martial Arts Chandigarh, success isn’t simply an endpoint but an ongoing journey for our dedicated practitioners. Celebrate milestones you reach together within our vibrant martial arts community that celebrates growth, resilience and striving for excellence! Get involved today & become part of King’s Academy’s continued journey toward greatness!


Years of Experience

Decade of experience, delivering the best martial arts training.


Transformed Lives, Happy Students

Join our thriving martial arts academy and achieve your goals.


Highly Skilled Martial Arts Instructors

Experienced instructors helping all ages and skill levels excel in martial arts.

What Our Students Say

Explore the life-changing impact of martial arts at King’s Academy of Martial Arts in Chandigarh. Listen to firsthand accounts from our delighted students as they share their transformative experiences with our expert team and diverse array of training styles. Join our community and discover the positive changes martial arts can bring to your life.

Anas vpAnas vp
14:56 05 Dec 23
Rahul NaagRahul Naag
12:16 05 Oct 23
Kevin MongaKevin Monga
01:53 27 Sep 23
They are just the best..
piyush pathakpiyush pathak
01:48 27 Sep 23
I have joined Kings Acedmy two years back and started MMA training first time in my life. Trainers are very professional and give personalised training for everyone according to their stamina and requirements. I recommend Kings Acedmy for MMA training to everyone.
01:44 27 Sep 23
I’ve been attending Kings MMA Academy for almost a year now. I never wanted to go for a cliche gym experience, that’s why went for Mixed martial arts. Here, everyday is a new experience. Head coach Kabir sir is extremely dedicated when it comes to working on individual’s goal completion. I highly recommend Kings MMA Academy whosoever is looking for boxing, taekwondo, karate, kick-boxing, yoga all at one place.
vishal aggarwalvishal aggarwal
01:41 27 Sep 23
Best place to learn combat sports. The coaches are professional MMA fighters.Kabir sir is a great guy, he regularly shares tips on mental wellness and nutrition. Moreover the ambience of the place is wonderfull.
16:49 27 Dec 21
What I like about the class are the self defense techniques which makes me feel like I can protect myself and protect the people around me. I also like the exercise because before I had nothing to motivate me to exercise and this class is really helping,I started the morning kickbox class this week. Went M,W,F and it kicked my butt. Loved it! I can see the muscle gain and weight loss. Thanks for making me push myself KABIR – The Ultimate GuruJi ! – Ved Oberoi _ Founder Sheer Hitch​
Ajay KumarAjay Kumar
01:22 04 Aug 21
I joined 5 months back because corona was demotivating the inner athlete of me .I decided to join martial arts and I found kings academy. Trully this is the best place to learn martial arts .staff is amazing and the environment is superb. Everyone here will push your limits to perform the best.

Life-changing training with knowledgeable instructors. Boosted my confidence and discipline.


HEAD Coach

Meet Suraj Kabir Verma, the founder and head coach of King’s Academy of Martial Arts in Chandigarh. As a certified Personal Trainer and Black Belt champion in Taekwondo & Karate, KABIR has earned over 125 medals and trophies. Recognized with awards like the Pride of Asia Award, he’s established a chain of MMA sports and fitness academies across India. Serving clients like Johnson & Johnson and Tech Mahindra, KABIR is not only an entrepreneur but also a dedicated social servant, offering free self-defense workshops for underprivileged children through the Close Combat Foundation. With academic qualifications from VMS University and expertise in fitness and martial arts, KABIR aims to spread awareness about self-defense and fitness, making a positive impact.

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