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There are so many different types of group exercises and fitness classes and training that we serve at Kings Academy of Martial Arts in Chandigarh-Tri City. It can be quite easy with our National award winner senior head coach Dr. Suraj Kabir Verma. He is a national and international player and athlete. He has done many Different types of certifications and courses in Fitness. He has also done Personal Trainer and Diet and Nutrition Certification. We give you a proper diet plan that helps more to be fit because for getting fit life diet and nutrition is most important. Our Coach will always suggest you what is best and suitable for you that will help your fitness and other fields. 

We Provide MMA Training at Kings Academy of Martial Arts for people who want to become the professional fighter and also how people use MMA training for self-defense. In that training, we give a training of different type of combat and fighting style in MMA(Mix Martial Arts) Training with the certified trainer in every different field. MMA is a mixture of different type of martial arts that we give training. We combine some unique workout type, fitness exercise, some unique type of martial arts like Krav Maga training, CAT Training etc. Fighting skill, we also provide you yoga  service at Kings Academy of Martial in Chandigarh.

We also have different classes and training for every different person according to your need. We provide Yoga Classes, Dance Training Classes, MMA training, Taekwondo, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Karate, Self-defense classes for women, Hobby classes for kids, UFC Training, Krav Maga Training, Jiu-jitsu Training and many other services for making you fit and safe. We teach how to fight, but 1st we always teach how to avoid that. Because avoiding the fight is the best defense. 

Each one has their own separate unique spin on fitness exercises and goals. The most basic way to find out which one you prefer the most is to simply try them all! Some are limited in availability such as Cross-Fit or a new yoga inspired high-intensity interval training exercise workout because they are specific to certain gyms.

As a personal trainer, I personally prefer classes training as a way to get a variety of different body movements and new training styles into your exercise and workout regimen. At the same time, learning new tricks and movements can also highlight weaknesses in your body creating the correct time for improvement more and more. 

Yoga class to test your flexibility and mind power. Try taking a class to test your lung capacity, power, and endurance. Each class is an opportunity to learn about yourself and your capability and we are here to make you feel good and fit.

Mixed Martial Arts Training

MMA training is a Mixture of many different type of Martial arts and fighting style. MMA is Mixture of Wrestling, Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Taekwondo, Yoga & Meditation.