Rules And Regulations

Rules and regulations:

1. Trial class is only for one day. The fee you paid to the academy is valid for 60 minutes session (Mon to Fri). You can do extra practice only after the permission from the administration.

2. Submit the fee on or before due date of your joining

3. Please give the written application to the concerned instructor before going for a leave of two weeks or more.

4. No fee adjustment will be done & Fee once paid will not be refunded in any case.

5. No jewellery (Ring, Karah, Watch, Chain, Bangles, Purse, Mobile phones) are allowed inside the practice hall. In case of loss you can concern the academy staff but we are not responsible for that loss.

6. No student is allowed to use the academy equipment without the approval of instructor. In case of wear and tear the defaulter will have to bear the expanse.

7. Swearing & Abusive language is strictly not allowed inside the academy.

8. Students & Spectators are not allowed to eat and drink anything inside the practice area.

9. Instructors/Masters can terminate any admission if behavior of the student is intolerable. If student is being found doing any kind of misbehavior/Fight/Abusive language with any other student or trainer his admission will be cancel on the spot.
10. All dues must be clear before appearing for the belt gradation exam. Exam will be held in Martial Arts dress Only

11. The belt test duration can be extended if the performance is not satisfactory. Exam fee include Belt registration fee, examiner’s TA, DA, Belt fee, Certificate cost, miscellaneous etc.

12. The competition, advance training camps, summer/winter trip charges will be as per the trip.

13. If any student is absent for more than one month without any prior information to the administration his/her admission will be cancelled. Continue negligence of 3 calls made by the admin will automatically terminate the admission of the student without any prior notice.

14. Dress and other kit will be issued within 10 days after the payment.

15. Grading certificates and belts will be issued by the academy within 5 days of the test.

16. Black Belt Certificates will be issued after 6 months of the test*. The certificate of Black Belt cannot be issued till the player doesn’t appear for any National Championship in current year (rule for players below 25 years of age).

17. While training session if any type of physical injury, any accident occurs or whatsoever the case may be, you or your any family member, friend, relatives cannot claim for the insurance or the compensation, KINGS Academy of Martial Arts Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible for that.

18. Parents are not allowed to interfere the class in any case

19. Cell phones must be either switched off or on the silent mode during the class.

20. Academy will remain closed on every public holiday. If any other holiday will be there, all students will be informed in advance.

21. KINGS Academy of Martial Arts Pvt. Ltd. also provides its own certificate till red one belt as academy is duly affiliated with Taekwondo Board of India & U.T. Taekwondo Association. Certificate of Black Belt are registered by Kukkiwon University, World Taekwondo Federation, South Korea.

22. KINGS Academy of Martial Arts Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to add, delete, change, and amend the training schedule, fee structure, rules & regulations whenever considered necessary & appropriate without any notice. Final decision will be taken only by the administration and should be abide by all.