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Career Highlights:-

Educational Qualification:-

✔ MBA in HR from Indian School of Business Management, Thane, Maharashtra (India)

Business Profile:-

✔Founder – Director:-Kings Academy of Martial Arts Private Limited.
✔ Owner:- KINGS Academy of Martial Arts (Regd. Firm)
✔ Founder – Trustee:- Close Combat Foundation (Regd. Trust)

✔ Vice President:- Apex Taekwondo Club (Chandigarh)

Martial Arts qualification:-

✔Certified Black Belt 1st Degree (IND-1-979) from International Taekwondo Federation, Austria
✔ Certified by Grand Master Pai-Tsu Gilberto Pauciullo XI Grade Kung Fu from Turin Italy
✔ Certified Black Belt 2nd Degree from WTF, Kukkiwon, South Korea
✔ Experienced Close Combat & MMA fitness coach
✔ Certified as Aerobic Instructor & Personal Trainer
✔ Sr. Mr. Chandigarh – 4th Place

Working Areas:-

✔ Professional Academies/Gyms/Clubs

✔ School/Colleges

✔Corporate firms

✔Private Security agencies



✔ Best NCC Cadet Award – 2004 (Army)

✔ Bharat Nav Nirman Rattan Award 2017 Given by Indian Organisation of Commerce and Industries

✔ Nominated for Great Achievers Award 2017 by Global Achievers Foundation

✔ Best Educationist Award 2017  given by International Institute of Education & Management

✔ Appointed as State Director (Intelligence Work Cell), National Crime Investigation Bureau (ncib.in) – 2016
✔Chairman – Trustee at Close Combat Foundation, Chandigarh (Regd) – 2016
✔ Best NCC Cadet Award – 2006 (Navy)
✔ Sr. Mr. Chandigarh – 2009 (4th place)
✔ Best Shooter .22 NCC – 2004  (Gold Medal)
✔ International Medalist – 2008
✔ National Gold Medalist – 2006
✔ Won more than 74 medals and 30 trophies in different martial arts championships
✔ Got coverage in so many newspapers as youngest star in martial arts.

Our Chief  believe in TEAM WORK

“Team is like pillars supporting a building and I am the stronger one”

“To develop a sense of help and responsibility among Youth of India”
“To engage youth of India to serve the society”


Mr. Suraj Verma is the initiator of MMA in Chandigarh, Founder & Trustee of Close Combat Foundation – Chandigarh and Director of KINGS Academy of Martial Arts Pvt. Ltd. He is very innovative person.He wants to help the society, orphans, old age home and want to spread happiness among people.

He is very creative person with lots of good ideas to help society.
1) Organizing Martial Arts workshops for self defence for society.
2) By organizing seminars for Anti- Drug addiction.
3) By organizing events for blood donation.
4) By providing study material to orphans.
5) By organizing workshop to create awareness about Hiv Aids.
6) By organizing workshops in rural areas to create awareness about hygiene of their surrounding


He have a great vision to help the society by engaging youth of India in the club, so that everyone help the society. He wants to develop a sense of help and responsibility in youth of India.


Suraj Verma has been invited by many Federations, Associations, Clubs in many championships as Team Coach, Team Manager, Judge, Jury, Referee, Player in & around all over the India.

✔ UT Taekwondo Association Championships.
✔ Inter School/Inter College/Inter University Championships.
✔ Matsogi – Do Championships.
✔ Chi-Kwang Do Championships.
✔ Sqay Federation of India Championships (SFI).
✔ Taekwondo Federations of India Championships (TFI).
✔ International Taekwondo Federation Championships (ITF).
✔ Karate Championships.
✔ Taekwondo Board of India Championships (TBI).
✔ UT Taekwondo Association championships
✔ Yoddha Fighting championships (YFC)
✔ International Taekwondo Tournaments.

About Suraj Kabir Verma

Suraj Verma (also known as Kabir) is not just a professional martial artist but also one of the leading youngest entrepreneurs. He is running the chain of his MMA sports and fitness academy (KINGS Academy of Martial Arts (P) Ltd.) all over India with its headquarters situated in Chandigarh. A Business management post graduate Mr. Verma soon realised that he was not born to fit in the normal corporate life, but was definitely born to stand out and follow his heart. Soon after this realisation, he followed his passion which was sports and fitness. His aim was not just to keep himself fit and fine but also to motivate the society to be fit in all respects.

Kabir was involved in martial arts training since the tender age of ’six’. And his enthusiasm and gritty determination for the sport helped him build his career in the same field. Not just this, his will power was too strong to grab a top spot in the sports and fitness industry. ‘Kings Academy’ is no more just a normal academy’s name, but has become a brand itself. With all his hard work through all those tough years, he has gained a number of followers not only in his city, but all over the country. And in future, he plans to spread his wings outside the country too, analysing the variedness of needs. Thereafter Indian Organisation of Commerce and Industries has recoganised his hard work and talent and has awarded him as BHARAT NAV NIRMAN RATTAN AWARD in September 2016 and Global Achievers Foundation has awarded him as GREAT ACHIEVERS AWARD in 2017 & International Institute of Education & Management has awarded him ‘Best Educationist Award’ in 2017.

He is a black belt holder and has won more than 125 accolades in various national and international championships.  Having deep understanding of fitness and martial arts, he aims to pass on that knowledge to as many people as he can, with the help of his talented team. He wants to spread more and more awareness in the society about importance of ‘self defense’ and workout.

He has already trained a large number of people. His client list includes well reputed companies like Jhonson n Jhonson, Burn gym, Forcit Cample, Tech Mahindra, TK20, Emerson Technologies, Elfin Specialists, Panjab University, IIM-Indore, Iapp Solutions, FIS-Quark City-Mohali, Chitkara University, Chandigarh University, many NGO’s, and many businessmen.

Along with corporate there is a huge list of Celebrities/Professional Players who are taking his services for a fit lifestyle. Some of the names are as Ronit Kapil (Actor), Jassi  Jasraj (Actor/Model), Upma Sharma (Actor/Model), Onkar Singh (Actor), Bharat Saini (Professional Bike Racer and IT Company Owner), Sakshi Mittal (Artist & Writter), Nitish Raj (Actor), Sunil Sharma (Model), Abhijeet (Cricketer), Amit Uppal (Footballer), Ashween Dara (Model & Writter), Maninder Maan Singh (Police Officer), Mandeep Singh (Police Officer) and many more.

Apart from this business, he is very active in social service also. He is the trustee of Close Combat Foundation, Chandigarh. This foundation provides free self defense training, tuition classes, painting workshops, dance competition, acting competition, art and craft workshop to enhance the talant of underprivileged kids. They even raise funds through organising various events for the bright future of needy kids.

Worked with

✔Camp Incharge for Inter College Taekwondo Tournament held at Panjab University, Chandigarh on 10th & 11th Feb 2012
✔ Worked at St. Anne’s Convent School, Sec 32, CHD, The Millennium School, Sec 68, Mohali,  Shamrock School, Sec 69, Mohali, Chandigarh Baptist School, Sec 45, St. Peter Convent School, Sec 37, CHD, The British School, Sec 70, Mohali as Taekwondo Instructor collaborated with EMA.
✔ Worked as Technical Director in Taekwondo Association Chandigarh (ITF).
✔ Worked in Bhushan Power & Steel Industries, Chandigarh as Trainee.
✔ Worked in ESS PEE Industries, Chandigarh as Trainee.
✔ Worked in Avtar Automobiles, Chandigarh as Trainee.
✔ Has organised self defense workshop for women at Johnson and Johnson, Baddi.
✔ Has organised self defense workshop for female with Chandigarh Rotract Club sector 18, Chandigarh.
✔ Has organised self defense workshop for female with Justice for Women (NGO) in Chandigarh.
✔ Has organised self defense workshop for female with Chandigarh University Ghruan, Punjab.
✔ Has organised self defense workshop for Male and Female at Ranbhoomi Fest IIM Indore.
✔ Has organised self defense workshop for female at Chitkara University in Rajpura, Punjab.
✔ Has organised self defense workshop for female in many Corporates like Tech. Mahindra, Emerson Technologies Pvt. Ltd, V4C Training Consultancy, Forcit Cample (P) Ltd., I-app Technologies, Elfin Specialists, Burn Gym Panchkula, AAJA NACH LE Stage SHOW.
✔ Has organised self defense workshop for Kids with Make a difference (NGO) in Panchkula.