What is MMA

MMA is the mixture of different martial arts styles like Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai,, Kick Boxing, Grappling, Wrestling, KravMaga etc. There is very high intensity workout in martial arts including Circuit Training, Interval training, Body weight training, Conditioning with tyres, ropes & Meditation from Yoga. There are many throwing techniques from Jiujitsu along with locks – holds, reversals, guards etc.

What should be enquiring before enrolling someone to any Martial Arts Academy?

1. Educational Qualification of the Coach/Instructor.

Because if the Coach is not well qualified, what he will teach to you or your kids? As teaching Kicking or punching or fight is not martial arts, a coach should have all the knowledge about different exercises, theory of martial arts, history, future, basic need of martial arts, tenets of martial arts, communication skill, attitude of taking class etc. If the coach is not qualified, he can’t teach well to you or your kids.

2. Organisation structure of an Academy.

3. Standard/Reputation of an Academy, Brand value, visibility, publicity, media acknowledgement.

4. Basic needs in academy like Taekwondo Mats, Punching Bags, All Guards, Basic exercises machines, proper space, proper lighting, ventilation, Drinking Water Facility, Changing room facility, locker room facility, Reception, Conference room, Theory material etc.

5. Certification, registration & recognition of the academy

6. Results of Academy in recent championships.

7. Well organised staff.

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What is the starting age to learn Martial Arts?

We start with 3 years till 50 years age group.

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Do I need any Sports Background to learn Martial Arts

No, not necessary. This is an Art and any one can learn this. You just need to have full dedication, regular for the classes & follow proper diet chart provided by academy.

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Is there any chance to get injured?

No. Our academy is fully equipped with Imported Martial Arts things like Punching Bags, Taekwondo Mats, Head Gears, Chest Guards, Gloves, Crib Bandages, Elbow Guard, Shin Guard, Groin Guard, Supporter etc. And while contact practice we use these all guards as for the safety manners. So just forget about injuries. But do concentrate on the line, “No Pain No Gain”

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What exactly I will learn at Your Academy?

You will learn different Martial Arts techniques here. Our speciality is that we train 5 days in a week. In these 5 days your schedule is totally devided. You learn different techniques everyday. On Monday you’l learn Kicks, Tue – Boxing punches on punching bags, Wed – Mix Martial Arts, Thursday – Technical Sparring, Friday – Belt Course like Punching, Blocking, Body conditioning. And every week the techniques vary from basic to advance. And the main thing is of our academy is that we concentrate on your fitness.

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Is it compulsory to take part in Competition?

No. It’s not compulsory. It’s your wish to take part or not.

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I just want to learn Martial Arts for 6 months. Can I learn?

Yes! You can learn Basic self Defense course which will definitely help you in any awkward situation. But for mastery in the field, you should practice at least 2-3 years. We offer short term courses also like 6 months, 1 year, 2 year.

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How Many belts are there in Taekwondo?

There are 9 Belts in Taekwondo i.e. White, Yellow, Green, Green One, Blue, Blue One, Red, Red One, Black. After Black Belt the Dan (Degree) course starts like 1st to 10th Dan.

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What is there to learn in your academy for 30+ age group?

For this age group we have Yoga, Stretching & Flexibility, General Exercises, Meditation, Focus, Body relaxation. We have lot of exercises which makes our body active & energetic to work again.

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My daughter is 16 years old and is very shy. Should I enrol her for Martial Arts Training?

Definitly she needs confidence to face the people. Training programs at The KINGS Academy are designed in the manner which includes Confidence Building, Public Speaking, Stress Reduction, Focus, and Relaxation of mind. We make our student able to participate in different level competitions which help them to learn the world, different natured people etc. These all will definitely help your daughter to make her able to face the world.

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