Taekwondo is an extremely developed system of fighting skill which is a very scientific martial art as a Korean traditional one.

However the Taekwondo is not to be confined in the concept of fighting skills

Taekwondo spirit includes the <DO> which advances the both mind and life and you can find this in the etiquette and mind training. And Taekwondo is a martial arts that was developed as a world wide sports today.

Tae means to KICK ______ Kwon means to PUNCH _____ and DO Means the Way or the Art of DOING.

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  • We provide Black Belt programme for Kids (3 years programme) & Adults (2-3 years Programme). Certificate of Black Belt are affiliated from Taekwondo Board of India & World Taekwondo Federation, WTF, Korea. KINGS Academy provides certificates only till Asst. Black Belts.

    Detail:-  Individual Taekwondo Trainig Days Monday to Friday (Fee:- 4000/- monthly for 5 classes in a week, Batch Timing will be scheduled after trial & Counselling. Call +91-97800-55644 to book your seat)