Close combat

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Close combat

Close combat is a self defense system developed from practice of Aikido, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling &Jiujitsu along with realistic fight training. Close combat is known for its focus on real world situations & its ectremely efficient & brutal Counter-attacks. It was derived from street fighting skills developed by Indian martial artist SurajKabirVerma who made use of his training as a Taekwondoist Boxer & Grappler. He began to provide lessons on combat training in different seminars specially to promote martial arts & self defense for all kind of ages.

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  • Close Combat has a philosophy emphasizing threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive manoeuvres, and aggression training with tenets of ancient martial arts to control on anger and channelization of energy.

    Detail:-  Individual Close Combat Trainig Days Monday to Friday (Fee:- 5000/- monthly for 5 classes in a week along with weight training, Batch Timing will be scheduled after trial & Counselling. Call +91-97800-55644 to book your seat)