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The two biggest challenges that most of the people encounter are how to lose weight. Losing weight is very easy while maintaining is where most people struggle. Losing weight involves 70% diet and 30 % exercise. You can easily lose weight by martial arts training from any reputed training institute. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts should be the foundation of a solid diet.

What Food Items Must be Avoided?

You may need to follow caveman or Paleolithic diet and should avoid anything that has to be cooked before consuming. Beans, poultry, red meat must be avoided. You may also need to minimize the consumption of dairy products. The basic guide to this diet is as follows:
• Vegetables, fruits, and nuts can be eaten
• Foods that cannot be consumed in raw form are unacceptable.
• Avoid adding salt or sodium to your meals.
• Drink lots and lots of water.

Do not Skip the Most Important Meal-breakfast!

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It can include anything from a bowl of cereal to oats. You may need to eat something in the morning so that your metabolism for the day can begin. As a fighter, you must aim for 4 meals a day and eat every 3-4 hours to prevent hunger.
Your brain takes around 5 minutes to realize that your stomach is full so it is suggested to eat slowly so that you do not end up overeating. You can start your day with citrus fruits. Meals must include plate loaded with salad and fruits. You can snack on a handful of nuts spaced out in the day. Drink 1 to 2 gallons of water and do not eat anything within 2 hours of bed.

Supplements – Are they Really Needed?

Supplements can be taken to ensure body receives all the vital nutrients. You can consider triple whey protein supplement to meet the protein requirements of your body. The body can absorb 25-30 grams at a particular time so you can choose the supplement wisely. You may also need multi-vitamin and minerals.
You can also consider taking fruit and vegetable supplements. This is mainly because even when you are on a strict paleo diet the fruits and vegetables you eat may not have all the vital nutrients. You can choose the pre-workout drink and the product that cycle’s with it after consulting a professional. You may need to stop consuming protein shakes few days before weighing in as it forces the body to retain water.

Follow the Basic Principle to Consume Natural Foods

The diet does not have to be extremely strict if you are not aiming for weight loss. Consuming meats, beans, cooked food is not wrong as they have their own health benefits. It is better not to eat at a fast food corner and instead bring fruits and veggies for lunch. Once you will stop eating junk food your body will automatically start refusing it within few days.

After two weeks of strict dieting, you will tend to avoid big unhealthy meal. You will rather love to indulge in large quantities of fruits. Though you do not have to live by these strict dietary guidelines all the time, the goal is to return to a raw and more natural diet.

lose weight by martial arts training

If you are interested in learning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to lose weight and stay fit search for best MMA academy in India in search engines. We hope this information is beneficial for you and helps you reach your fitness goals.
Share your comments below and let us know what you think about this diet plan!

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