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Every parent must agree with the facts that the world is not a safe place for children especially girls. This may be hard to believe but a true fact that in India, every day many girls are being attacked at an alarming rate for various reasons. There is no indication that this trend will slow down ever. So, it would be always better to encourage girls to protect their-self than doing nothing. Never settle on a few defensive moves teach by a conventional karate class conducted by most schools in India. They do not focus on real-world of self-defense for children. Their self-defense trainers teach only a few flashy moves that will just create a false sense of security to girls and never prepare them to face a real life violent attack.

A professional self-defense training class for girls in Chandigarh teaches various realistic self-defense techniques to girls that are specifically designed to stop a violent attack under certain circumstances, including some simple and easy tips which can be used against an accused to escape from the attack. Few of them are described below:

Self-defense class for girls in Chandigarh• A real self-defense is about survival; so, the primary goal in learning self-defense should be to escape ugly scenarios.

• Few simple and best self-defense techniques may be used for safety purpose, such as a pepper spray that can be sprayed in an attacker’s eyes.

• Various karate and martial art techniques can buy you the precious seconds to escape from the grip of an attacker who has some intent to hurt you. One of the best tricks taught by most self-defense instructors is a simple kick to the groin that will definitely knock an attacker to the ground.

• Another widely used technique is an ‘eye jab’ that can be simply great as it may cause an attacker’s eyes fill with water and momentarily blurs his vision to distract him. Eye jab involves an unexpected and extremely quick attack on eyes with the tip of fingers.

• A slap in the face of an accused is another simple yet a great self-defense move. The basic aim with throwing a slap is actually to push an accused with your hand and hurt him on ears that will give you plenty of time to follow up with another move before he recovers from a disoriented and dizzy condition.

These are a few of the most helpful self-defense tricks out there, but there may be some situations when some of them will not work. As a girl you need to adapt to any worst condition that comes your way, so you need to have a good sort of tricks and techniques in your arsenal. Therefore, it would be a good idea for parents to motivate their children to join a professional self-defense class for girls in Chandigarh such as Kings Academy.

At Kings Academy, our experienced trainers have specifically designed special self-defense training classes for girls that help them to learn the real facts about how they can stay protected in the worst situations. In the current scenario, proven and devastating self-defense techniques are need of the hour to protect all the girls of a country.

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