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If you have decided to lose weight by martial arts training and exercise, common knowledge states that you must burn more calories than you intake. Though a rigorous diet plan lets you measure the calories you consume with each meal or drink but it does not always help you achieve the results you are expecting. The cardio workouts and strength training through Muay Thai will help you achieve a calorie deficit as well as help lose weight. The strength training builds lean muscle that develops your body into a natural and effective calorie-burning machine.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai Helps you Build Endurance

By practicing Muay Thai every day you will be burning a lot more calories and your metabolism rate will also be through the roof. While losing weight through cardio or Muay Thai training it is normal to lose both muscles as well as fat. Muay Thai is resistance-based training in which you are using your body weight for many exercise routines. Strength training helps you build more muscle than the cardio-based routine. To gain, muscle body needs a calorie surplus. This is the reason why fighters scared of putting on too much muscle should not be worried as they are already doing too much cardio. The calorie deficits thus created ensure they do not put on bulk. This makes you stronger and allows you to generate more power.

Practicing Muay Thai Results in Higher BMR

Base metabolic rate or the calories your body burns while you are not doing anything increases when you have more muscle mass. One kilogram of muscle demands more from your metabolic rate than a kilogram of fat. So the more muscle you have the more calories you will tend to burn throughout the day. Energy or calories are required by the muscles to operate efficiently. They are constantly synthesized, broken down and recreated. When you burn more calories at rest it results in an increase in a calorie deficit and this is the main reason for the weight loss. You should not completely rely on the scale when determining healthy weight loss. This is because the muscles are more compact than fat. You can go by how your clothes are fitting differently.

Muay Thai Training is Perfect Weight Loss Solution

Muay Thai is perfect as it combines strength based training to rigorous cardiovascular endurance training using body weight to deliver punches and kicks. Strength training does not require you to move faster when you are lifting weights. Avoid moving too fast, take proper rest between sets and choose moderate weights. Cardio and strength training should not interfere with each other. It is recommended to practice cardio exercises before strength training. This is because the muscles are built and repaired after the cardio exercises. While practicing Muay Thai you are continuously utilizing your body weight while improving the cardiovascular endurance making it an optimal method to lose weight.

For the best Muay Thai training, it is recommended to join an academy that has expert trainers. Remember you need to burn more calories than you have to lose weight. A caloric surplus is also needed to build muscles. Building the muscles while you get trained have multitude of benefits when done properly.

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