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Martial art is not just a combat sport. Many people participate in this sport for its fitness benefits alone. You can lose weight by martial arts training by simply incorporating cardio, strength, stretching and toning exercises in combination with a healthy diet and regular perseverance. We all know that sweating in a fitness gym can become tedious but with martial arts, there is a variety of skills required which will keep you engaged and challenge you often. Once you find an enjoyable sport it is much easier to stick to your goals.

Martial arts involve the instructions by a skilled trainer who teaches you the essential kicking and punching techniques which are essential for achieving a high standard training. The martial art training classes vary according to age, ability, and progress. Martial arts training are also recommended to be great hobby classes for kids in Chandigarh. The training classes concentrate on certain exercises from time to time for optimum improvement.

So which martial art should be incorporated into your training to aid weight loss?

  1. Karate

This form is essentially focused on power which is basically centered on the upper body. With the right stance of karate, you can defend yourself easily and you can practice an effective core workout where each of your strikes needs to tense the core muscles to pull all the body parts. In this way, it helps to burn more fats and gain strength.

  1. Taekwondo

Considered as one of the most diverse kinds of martial art, taekwondo includes dozens of fighting styles. For training in this form of martial art, you need many movements such as kicking, jumping, flipping, and general movements; though the main focus will be on the kicks. Leaping and flying kicks are effective for cardio and solid leg workout. It is definitely a good fat burner martial art.

  1. Muay Thai

This form of martial art is all about speed, power, and motion. It includes kicking and boxing. Usually, after spending a few minutes in the fight, the fighter becomes exhausted. Hence, it is a good practice with all stances, moving around, throwing punches and kicks if you want to lose weight.

lose weight by martial arts training

  1. Jiu Jitsu

This form of martial art is popular for its destructive throws, sweeps, limbs manipulation, takedowns, controlling position, chokes, and joint locks. This martial art is somewhat similar to judo and wrestling. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu trainer can effectively take down another person with the right use of kicks and punches. For this reason, it is considered as one of the most effective forms of self-defense and due to its high physical movements, it also helps in weight loss.

  1. Capoeira

It is probably the most active form of martial art style as it combines dance and fighting in an art form. Although this form is a bit difficult to learn but it can teach you some awesome moves such as acrobatics, knee and elbow strikes, sweeping, punches, slaps, and even takedowns. If weight loss is your goal, it is a wonderful form as it makes you put in lots of effort to learn.

Training in the above mentioned martial art forms can effectively help you in weight loss and is also a great hobby for kids. You just need to remember that keep yourself well hydrated as it is vital to keep the body in good working condition. And it is also important to maintain the consistent routine to allow the body the time to build strength and a healthy weight.

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