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With a bloodcurdling cry, your kid leaps into the air in karate kick raising your hair and blood pressure simultaneously. Before you panic and pad the walls, try channelling this urge into a martial arts class. Activities like Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Aikido are a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus and also makes the best hobby classes for kids in Chandigarh. Some parents may think that martial arts promote violence, but that is a myth. Martial arts actually help teach children self-discipline and socialisation skills. In fact, many parents whose children have attention deficient disorder or are hyperactive have reported great success with these programs.

A typical 1-hour class begins and ends with a bow to the teacher or trainer. After a warm up session, students practice the particular skills, which may include kicks, punches, and blocks. Each requires strict attention and concentration. Progress is often marked by a belt system, the beginner starts with a white belt and then progresses through a variety of colours until achieves a black belt in martial arts. Each new level is tested generally every three months and it is also a good exercise in setting and achieving goals.

The most important benefit is that kids learn to respect, whether bowing or standing still and waiting for the next command. Kids even carry this respect to school which helps in improving behaviour and academics.

A good age to start martial arts is the age 6, by this age, the children develop enough muscle control to punch and turn safely and properly.

The martial arts academies recommend looking for a school that adheres to the original principles of the martial arts, rather than one that dilutes them for example, pairing Jiu Jitsu with Kickboxing. The purer the teaching, the more your child will gain.

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right class for your child.black belt in martial arts

1) Taekwondo

It is a traditional Korean martial art and has become one of the most popular martial arts in the world. It uses kicking and punching movements to energise the body, and breathing and meditation techniques to provide focus. It also keeps children fit as they exercise their whole body.  Another huge benefit of taekwondo is that the kids enjoy the physical exercise.

2) Karate

It is a Japanese form of martial arts and the quick, sharp actions in Karate involve snapping movements of the joints. The mental and physical elements of Karate improve their fitness, concentration, and coordination. They also learn the five fingers of self-defence, including age appropriate skills for dealing with bullying and other forms of violence.

3) Judo

Judo is a traditional Japanese martial art. It is taught as a competitive sport and teaches kids how to throw a partner using balance and leverage. Judo teaches control via the techniques used and also your child will be well coordinated.

4) Aikido

Aikido is a non-violent, non-resistant martial art form from Japan. It uses many of the same movements as Jiu Jitsu but is gentler. It too is an excellent discipline for teaching children how to work with the partner.

The bottom line is that almost any child can benefit from training in martial arts and the key is choosing a teacher, school and the form of martial art you want your child to learn.

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