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Are you bored with the regular workout routine? Have you reached a plateau in your fitness or weight loss levels? There are various professional fitness coaches in Chandigarh who will probably get you acquainted with some modern and proven exercises that will definitely contribute to burning your body fat, keep your workouts exciting, and challenge your metabolism.

#1 Breakdance Push-upBurn Body Fat with these 4 Promising Exercises

This is the exercise that will not only progress your upper and core body strength like a normal push-up but will even augment the flexibility as well as agility. Moreover, for this exercise, you need not be a professional breakdancer.

Simply position your bellybutton facing towards the ceiling, making a bridge position, and put weight on your feet and hands. Keeping a leg off the ground, flip to one side or another, do push-ups. Then flip back again to the first bridge position.

#2 Man Maker

This exercise will need some equipment, Dumbbells. First, position your body to push-up posture putting hands on dumbbells on the floor. Start push-ups. Row with the dumbbells simultaneously and stand quickly putting dumbbells on your shoulders. After this, perform a front squat which is to be followed by an overhead process.

The entire exercise needs to be performed for at least 5 minutes. For the most preferred results, make sure you choose the weight that makes it hard for you to complete 10 repetitions of the entire exercise. It is one of the best fat burning exercise and workout with the most promising results.

#3 Hip Hinge

Cross both hands across the chest, and keeping your back straight, look straight and hinge forward at the hips. You will reach a point at which your hamstrings starts feeling really tight and you cannot hinge forward any further without bending your back. Once you reach this point, squeeze your butt cheeks and use your butt to pull you back into the initial standing position.

This exercise is also called the shadow deadlift or the folded dollar bill that your fitness trainer will get you acquainted with proficiently. To maximise the effect of fat burning, this exercise can also be done while taking a cold shower.

#4 Sox Squat

It is one of most promising exercises that force your body to reach the appropriate posture, open up chest and shoulder muscles that further get extremely tight when you are sitting and working on the computer system. Moreover, it is good for almost every muscle in the body.

Stand in the position with your shoulder blades squeezed back and your arms overhead and bent at an angle of 900, followed by dropping down into a squatting, seated position. Then stand and straighten your arms slowly as you stand.

A professional and experienced fitness trainer will always recommend keeping butt back behind you and your shoulder blades squeezed back while performing a Sox Squat. Make sure you repeat the process at least 10 times.

These are the 4 most promising fat burning exercises that you can learn by approaching the best fight club in Chandigarh. Get enrolled today and experience the difference!

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