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If you have ever thought of trying Jiu-jitsu in India, then any research you might have done, generally points to it as a very difficult and complicated sport. Yes, that is a bit true but with proper training at MMA Gym equipped with all the amenities, it becomes easy and this sport can change the life of many people.

To help break down the big world of Jiu-jitsu, we have come up with some simple concepts, submissions, fighters and attitude that will help anyone in the sport.

  • 1. Arm Bar and Berimbolo

The arm bar is the first technique that you will learn, and if you have ever watched judo in actual or movies, then this is the most recognizable move. Berimbolo is a move which allows the guy on the floor to attack a standing opponent, in order to attack the back position. This is an advanced move and will not be taught early but you will probably end up being attacked with this by higher grades.

  • 2. Control, Escapes, Flowing and Guard

Control is the position before submission and it is the one you will hear a lot. The basic principle is control, you should have control to attack the opponent and escape a submission. Learning this, in the beginning, will help you become a better fighter. Also, the need to learn escapes in the beginning is necessary. You need to have flow in your body; many beginners rely a lot on strength when they first start, especially if they physically fit. Learn to relax and you will understand when strength is good or bad. Guarding is the most basic principles and allows you to be an active attacker.

  • 3. Injuries, Judo, Kimura and Lapels

If you get injured, don’t be disappointed, take some time to recover and come back stronger. Judo is the perfect supplement to Jiu-jitsu, if you are planning to enter any competition, then you need to learn it. Judo will also teach you balancing and timing. Kimura is another basic submission that you will learn. Lapels can be used to control, submit, and attack your opponent. Normally stiff and hard to grip, just remember what you can do to your opponent, they can do the same to you.

  • 4. Mount, Takedowns, and Rolling

With mount technique, you can control your opponent and have a high chance of submitting.  Live rolling is the best way for you to practice the drills you have been repeating in a pressured situation. You can use it as a point of learning what techniques work against which opponents. Taking your opponent down to the ground and controlling the position can net you quick and easy points, though it is not always necessary but a lot of people chose to pull guard and work on a sweep.

  • 5. Uke, Wrestling, and Videos

Uke is the judo term for a drilling partner; you should always strive to be good when someone is drilling a technique on you, this means to keep a strong structure. Wrestling is a hardcore freestyle technique and will allow you to stand in good stead against equal level opponents. Watching videos of high-level fighters gives you an idea of the grit and determination, just remember do not practice the video techniques instead drill with your partner.

Jiu-jitsu in India

As a beginner asking a lot of questions will help you in learning the technique and make you a better student, just remember that do not push yourself too hard for the training, take your time and train when and where you can enjoy.

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